Helps you understand Bible words as they were used in 1611!



White`s Dictionary of the King James Language is like a time machine allowing you to pull up a chair next to the translators of our 1611 version. You will begin to understand the English Language of 1611 as never before! There is no other professional work like it on the market.

This handsome multi-volume set was designed for those who love to read and study the King James Bible. It is meant for the student in Bible College, the busy pastor, the faithful Sunday School teacher, Bible Study groups and for the ordinary Christian who just wants to understand their Bible more.

No Church, Bible School, Library or Christian home should be without a copy of
White`s Dictionary of the King James Language.



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UPDATE: December 20, 2010  Volume Two ready for shipping.  Order TODAY.   Thank you so much for your understanding of the time needed for this mamoth task.


Volume One - Letters A - E

Volume Two - Letters F - H


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